Norrtullkyrkan - Open for everyone


We want our church to be open to all - seekers, believers, non-believers, all ages and nationalities. We have interpretation into English in worship services. We all need a place of calmness, reflection, edification and God's presence. The services includes singing, music, stories from life, worship, prayer and preaching. We want that education should be an inspiration for the everyday life. After the service the community continues around coffee tables.


Camilla Brolin



I am a pastor and director of the Pentecostal Church Soderhamn since 2016.

I was born in Stockholm in 1972.


Being a pastor is a strange profession. No day is ever the same. Many different situations can occur. Of course it is often difficult and hard tasks, but basically it is a great privilege to have such a job.

The main task is to make Jesus known to people.

To tell about him, to both children and adults, and discover that the message is welcomed. That is one of the best things in life!


If you have any questions, mail me at: info@soderhamnpingst.se


Pictures from Norrtullkyrkan

Mårdens preeschool


Our preschool is a complement and an alternative to the community childcare.


Our work has a Christian profile. In gatherings and storytelling we include Christian songs, books, stories from the Bible and prayers.





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Norrtullkyrkan Adress: Nygatan 8, 826 31 SÖDERHAMN

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E-mail: info@soderhamnpingst.se